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The file extension ZFSENDTOTARGET is associated with the Microsoft Windows operating system. ZFSENDTOTARGET is commonly known as a Compressed Folder Send to Target file, which is a folder function used with Windows XP to create a compressed file that can be opened using a variety of compression utility applications.

The ZFSENDTOTARGET file extension is categorized as a compressed file type which contains a variety of data associated with many different applications. Compressed files are used to save disk space and to reduce the transmission time if the file is sent over a network. ZFSENDTOTARGET files are created when the Compressed Folder option is missing.

Windows XP is equipped with an option to create a compressed folder regardless of whether or not you have a compression utility application installed. This is accomplished by right clicking on the file you wish to compress and then choosing Send To from the drop-down menu. When you select the Compressed Folder option under Send To, this feature creates a compressed folder which has a smaller file size than a conventional folder. The newly compressed folder is identified by a zipper illustration which is displayed on the folder.

In some instances when you use the Send To feature in Windows XP, the Compressed Folder option is missing from the menu. If this happens, you can replace the option using ZFSENDTOTARGET. This is accomplished by using the Notepad text editing application which is included in the Windows XP operating system. Notepad can be opened by clicking on Start on the main toolbar of the desktop and then navigating to All Programs. On the All Programs menu, click on Accessories and then choose Notepad from the submenu.

Open Notepad but do not type anything into the blank document space. Save the blank document with the filename Compressed Folder.ZFSENDTOTARGET. The location where you save the file is the following file path: C:\Documents and Settings\[account username here]\Send To. When the dialog box appears which asks if you want to change the file association, click on No to create the compressed file. Clicking on Yes will prevent you from being able to open a compressed file in Windows XP in the future.


The file extension ZFSENDTOTARGET can be opened using the Windows XP operating system. As long as you clicked on No in the dialog box as described above, you can double click on the ZFSENDTOTARGET file to unzip the file in Windows XP.

You can also opt to open ZFSENDTOTARGET files using WinZip 16.5, which is a compression utility software application created by Corel Corporation. WinZip 16.5 is available in a trial download version on the WinZip website and is designed for use with the Windows operating system.

7-Zip and PeaZip will also open ZFSENDTOTARGET files in Windows XP. 7-Zip is an open source compression utility application available as a free download on the website. PeaZip is an open source ZIP and RAR file compression utility which is offered as a free download on the SourceForge website.