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What is New in Windows 8 – Part 2

Microsoft is gearing up for the release of Windows 8 on October 26th of 2012. As a promotion for the new OS, they will be selling upgrades for as little as $40 that will work for users of Windows XP, Vista, or 7. Compared to many previous releases, that is an almost absurdly low price. […]

Comparison of Different Camera RAW Formats

There is a lot of confusion and debate which surrounds camera RAW formats. This is mostly due to whether or not you should shoot in RAW or some other type of format. In this article we will clarify exactly what RAW mode is and the difference between the different RAW formats.

RAW Mode Defined

When […]

How to Open TIFF Files

TIFF is a very early file format for images which was initially developed in 1987 and is still popular in applications such as Adobe Creative Suite and Photoshop. TIFF stands for Tagged Image File Format and is a popular format due to its flexibility to support multiple image processing applications. TIFF is also commonly referred […]

How to Open KML and KMZ Files

KML and KMZ files are those which are designed to represent two and three-dimensional geographical images. KML and KMZ formats are typically used for programs such as Google Earth and are capable of indicating geographical data, such as latitude and longitude and more recently objects in 3D.

If you are unfamiliar with KML and KMZ […]

How to Open PPT Files

Have you ever tried to open a PowerPoint file that someone has sent you only to receive an error message? If this sounds familiar, this is a common occurrence with users who do not have PowerPoint installed on their PC or they have an older version of Microsoft Office.

PPT file extensions refer to PowerPoint […]

Top 5 Books for Educating Yourself about Computers

With the increased use of computers and the Internet, educating yourself about computers is a valuable skill to have in the age when you rely on your PC for everything and constantly have to worry about protecting yourself online. The more educated you are on PC technology, networking and the Internet, the better your chances […]

Windows Media Player Alternatives

Windows includes a way to stream media to your PC through the use of Windows Media Player, which is preinstalled with most Windows operating systems. Although Windows Media Player provides some decent capabilities and functionality, there are also other media players available that offer the same functions plus additional features.

If you are not a […]

What Is New in Windows 8?

Not too long ago Microsoft released the beta version of Windows 8 in an effort to provide users with a test drive during development. Within the last few weeks the final preview version of Windows 8 was released with more features than the beta version. The final preview version still will not be the same […]

Browser Comparison by Safety and Security

Web browsers have become a universal application for today’s PCs and mobile devices. And with new uses for the Internet, web browsers have also become more complicated in order to deliver applications with complex protocols that support modern day applications, such as videos, images, and interactive web programs.

Along with more complex applications, comes additional […]

Microsoft Office Alternatives to Open DOCX, XLSX Files

Microsoft Office is a common word processing application for creating documents in a variety of different formats. For this reason, many people who use Microsoft Office also assume everyone else does, too.

If you do not have Microsoft Office installed on your PC or you are using an older version of Office, perhaps you have […]