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File Extension ZDP

The file extension ZDP is associated with DesignPro by Avery Dennison and Password Pro 32 by ZDNet. DesignPro is a desktop publishing software application which provides tools for creating Avery labels, greeting cards, flyers, business cards, t-shirt designs, and more. Password Pro 32 is a software application which provides a way to manage multiple passwords and stores the passwords in a secure encrypted environment.

If the ZDP file extension is related to Avery DesignPro, the file is a page layout file type which contains graphics and layout data for various desktop publishing projects. ZDP files contain the same data as the ZDL and ZDS file extensions which are created with earlier versions of the DesignPro application. ZDP files can also contain templates and settings which assist with the printing of desktop publishing projects created with Design Pro.

ZDP files which are associated with Password Pro 32 are a data file type that contains personal passwords for a variety of programs and applications. This type of ZDP file is encrypted using the Microsoft Jet Database Engine with an RC4 encryption algorithm. Password Pro 32 will also back up passwords using a database utility application and can import information from other file formats.

How to Open ZDP Files

If the file extension ZDP is created with DesignPro, it is necessary to open the file using the Avery DesignPro software application. DesignPro is available as a free download on the Avery website and is designed for use with the Windows operating system version XP, 2000, ME, Vista and Windows 7. You must also use the Internet Explorer web browser 4.01 or later with Service Pack 2 installed.

ZDP files which are associated with DesignPro are not meant to be converted to another page layout format. Converting ZDP files will comprise the integrity of the page layout format, which means you may lose different elements when you print the design. Also, if you have an earlier version of DesignPro installed, it is recommended to uninstall older versions of DesignPro and replace them with the newest version in order to open ZDP files in their proper format.

If the file extension ZDP is related to Password Pro 32, the file must be opened using the Password Pro 32 software application since the file uses secure encryption. Password Pro 32 is offered in a ZIP file format and is available as a free download on the Ray MacKenzie website. Password Pro 32 was developed by ZDNet in the 1990s and is no longer available on the ZDNet website. Many users prefer the application over other password management applications due to the reliability and security offered with the program. Password Pro 32 is designed for use with the Windows operating system.