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File Extension XPW

The file extension XPW is associated with Accessible FormNet by Intercon Associates and the EXPO platform by Leading Market Technologies. Accessible FormNet is an application which is used to access and publish forms in the online environment. EXPO is a platform which is designed to assist with data analytics and decision making for traders, analysts, and portfolio managers.

If the file extension XPW is related to Accessible FormNet, the file is a various data file type which contains text, layouts, collected data, and other elements which are typically used with professional documents and forms. This type of XPW file is designed to be accessed online and can be easily published on the Internet for the purpose of sharing and collaboration.

XPW files which are part of the EXPO platform are a miscellaneous file type which can contain market data, historical information, graphs, charts, and other elements that are used for data analysis and decision making. XPW file content is displayed in more than one window on the EXPO platform to allow for easy analysis and comparison through charts and graphs in real-time.

How to Open XPW Files

If the file extension XPW is associated with Accessible FormNet, you can open the file using the Accessible FormNet interactive data capture solution, which is an application that automates the collection, management, and processing of data. It is also a modular solution which provides a total management solution by using four main components which include a client module, form creation module, a routing engine for web-based forms, and a print driver for printing the forms.

Accessible FormNet is integrated with GoData which is an on-demand XML data transfer module and is a trademarked technology offered by Intercon Associates. To open XPW files using the total solution, you must obtain access to the Accessible FormNet solution on the Intercon Associates website. The solution is designed to run in the Windows environment.

XPW files which are created for use with the EXPO platform should be opened using the EXPO applications which run on the EXPO platform. The applications include open data access, data visualization, vast studies library, custom analytics, math library, and various add-in modules. Since XPW files are a miscellaneous file type, they must be opened with the specific application they are designed to support.

EXPO is available as a professional’s download which is a free evaluation for a limited time when you register with EXPO. You can access the download on the Leading Market Technologies or Imtech websites as well as view pricing options for the EXPO platform on the same websites as well.