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File Extension XLSX

XLSX file extension is associated with newer versions of Excel, which is a spreadsheet application included in the Microsoft Office Suite 2007 or higher. XLSX files are used for working with formulas and financial data in an open XML spreadsheet standard.

XLSX files contain data that relates to database structure, spreadsheet layouts, cell information, mathematical formulas, charts and graphs, styles and formatting, and other elements that are commonly used with a spreadsheet application. The XML (Extensible Markup Language) standard for spreadsheets was introduced with Office 2007 and provides a compressed file that is smaller than previous Excel files. As a result, XLS files now have an X added to the file extension to signify a smaller compressed format.

How to Open XLSX Files

Since XLSX files are versatile and can be opened using a variety of platforms and applications, you may be able to save time by double clicking on the file to see if it automatically opens in a default application. If the file was created on your PC, chances are you have the appropriate application installed for opening and reading an XLSX file.

If you use Windows, you can open an XLSX file with Microsoft Office. Office versions of 2007 or higher will easily open XLSX files. The older versions of Office will also open XLSX files since this type of file is backwards compatible. XLSX files can also be opened in Windows using Corel Quattro Pro or Corel WordPerfect Office X6. You can also use Ability Spreadsheet or Plan Maker, which will open XLSX files in Windows.

For Mac OS X, you can open XLSX files using Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac or Apple Numbers 2.1. NeoOffice by Planamesa will also open XLSX files on Mac PCs. It is available as a free download from the website.

If you use the Linux operating system, you can open XLSX files using OxygenOffice Professional, which is a suite of office applications available as a free download from the SourceForge website. OxygenOffice will also work with UNIX and is created under the GNU General Public License.

There are also a variety of multiplatform applications which can open XLSX files and are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. OpenOffice is an open source suite of office applications available as a free download from the website. You can also use LibreOffice or IBM Lotus Symphony to open XLSX files on multiple platforms.

In terms of mobile operating systems, for the Android platform you can use OfficeSuite Viewer or Office Suite Professional to open XLSX files. Apple iOS uses SkyDrive for iOS, and BlackBerry uses the eOffice program to open XSLX files on the BlackBerry platform.