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File Extension XBK

The file extension XBK is associated with XenServer by Citrix and SMART Notebook by Smart Technologies. XenServer is a server virtualization platform which enables multiple virtual devices using different operating systems to run on a single server. SMART Notebook is collaborative learning software which provides interactive tools that enhance classroom lessons.

If the XBK file extension is related to XenServer, the file is a backup file type which contains configuration data associated with the virtual server host. The purpose of XBK backup files is for restoration of the server in the event of hardware failure. The files can be used with XenClient, XenServer, or a user interface which is capable of managing hosts for the XenServer.

XBK files which are part of SMART Notebook are a data file type which contains images, text, multimedia, and other data which helps to create interactive lessons for the classroom environment. This type of XBK file is designed to be used with SMART Notebook software which provides tools and materials for creating interactive lessons from one location. XBK files are capable of being converted or exported to another file format such as PDF or HTML.

How to Open XBK Files

If the file extension XBK is associated with XenServer backup, the file can be opened using XenServer, XenCenter, or XenClient. XenServer is a server which manages Windows and Linux virtual servers and is used for cost effective server consolidation without the exorbitant costs of hardware infrastructure and maintenance. XenServer is available on the Citrix website and uses a Windows graphical user interface (GUI) to manage the XenServer components and infrastructure.

XBK files that are related to XenServer can also be opened using XenCenter or XenClient, which is a GUI (graphical user interface) that provides a way to easily install and configure virtual machines. XenCenter and XenClient provide for remote storage configuration, role based access control, snapshot management, metrics gathering and analysis, disaster recovery, and much more. XenCenter and XenClient are designed to be used with the Windows operating system and will open the file extension XBK backup files.

XBK files which are used with SMART Notebook can be opened using the SMART Notebook software application which can be obtained on the SMART Technologies website. SMART Notebook is designed for use with the Windows operating system. XBK files created with SMART Notebook are also meant to be used with a Smart Board which is also provided on the SMART Technologies website.

You can also opt to convert SMART XBK files to another format such as PDF or HTML for use with a broader range of devices and applications. There are multiple file conversion programs available as a free download on websites such as CNET and Softpedia which will convert XBK files for you.

You can also opt to use an online resource such as Zamzar which will perform free file conversion for you as long as the content is not copyright protected. Simply log onto the Zamzar website, browse for the XBK file, choose a new format, enter your email address, and click on Convert. Within minutes you will receive the newly converted file in your email inbox.

XBK files can also be exported to another format using the SMART Notebook software application as described above.