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File Extension WPS

Files with a file extension WPS are documents created with Microsoft Works. Although WPS files are similar to DOC and DOCX files, they can be difficult to open with a typical Microsoft Word program. This is due to the fact that WPS files do not contain the advanced formats which are included in other document file formats created in Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Works is typically included in the older Windows operating systems, and the documents are usually created with the Microsoft Works word processor version 6.0 or higher. Microsoft has recently abandoned this file extension WPS in exchange for the more widely used DOC and DOCX extensions. However, if you have received a document in the WPS format, there are a few ways you can open it.

How to Open WPS Files

Since a WPS file is an older file extension, one of the ways you can open and view it is by downloading and installing Word Viewer 2003. This program is available from the Microsoft website. It can open not only the file extension WPS, but also other formats, such as RTF (Rich Text Format) and WPD. Note that you will be able to view the contents but unable to edit the document.

If the WPS file is really archaic, such as a document created with Microsoft Works 2000 which would be version 4.5, then it will be necessary to download the converter program for Word 2000. This program will allow you to work with antiquated Works files created with the 2000 program. The upside is that after you convert the file, you will be able to open and work with it in your current Microsoft Word program regardless if it is 2003, 2007, or higher.

If you happen to have one of the newer versions of Microsoft Word installed on your PC, such as 2007 or 2010, you can easily open a WPS file by clicking on File and navigating to Open. Locate the file extension WPS by clicking on All Files next to the down arrow, choose the file and proceed to open it. Microsoft Word will then automatically install the conversion program so you can open and view the file.

There is also a selection of free online file converters you can use to convert a WPS file. Websites, such as Zamzar, will convert the file to any format you wish and then send it to your email inbox. All you do is log onto the website, browse for the WPS file you want to convert, enter your email address, and click on Convert. Within minutes you will receive the converted file in your email account.