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File Extension WPD

Files with the .WPD extension are those created using the Corel WordPerfect program. It is a word processing application which is associated with the Corel WordPerfect Office suite of business applications and is an older word processing program. The WordPerfect suite is similar to Microsoft Office; however, the WPD file format is different than the format created with MS Office.

WPD files contain the typical elements you use to create a word processing document including text, graphics, and other components. If you have WordPerfect installed on your PC, there should be no problem with opening WPD files; however, this is usually not the case with a lot of today’s PC users.

How to Open WPD Files

If you do not use Corel WordPerfect and you have come across a WPD file, you can try double clicking on the file to see if it automatically finds another compatible program. Sometimes a WPD file may open in Microsoft Word by default depending upon what version you have installed on your PC.

If your computer cannot automatically locate the default program, you can download Word Viewer 2003 from the Microsoft website. Keep in mind if you choose this route, you will be unable to edit the file in the event this is necessary. It is also possible to view a WPD file in your web browser by installing the WordPerfect browser plugin from the Corel website.

If you have Microsoft Word installed, you can convert a WPD file to the .DOC format by clicking on File and then choosing Open from the drop-down menu. When the dialog window opens, make sure you click the down arrow to display All Files under Files of Type. Locate the WPD file you want to open and then press the Enter key. When the WPD file opens in Microsoft Word, simply click on File and then choose Save As from the drop-down menu. Select the Word Document option and then click on Save. This will save the WPD file as a document that can be viewed and edited in Microsoft Word.

Another option for opening and editing a WPD file is to download and install OpenOffice from Then open the OpenOffice Write program from the suite of office applications and click on File and then Open. Browse to the WPD file and open it in the Write program. This allows you to view the file and make any necessary edits.

You can also opt to use a file conversion program to quickly convert the WPD file to another document format. Microsoft offers a variety of conversion programs on their website and there is a selection of websites such as Zamzar that will convert the file and then forward it to your email inbox.