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File Extension WMDB

The file extension WMDB is associated with Microsoft Windows Media Player, which is a multimedia application typically included with the Windows operating system. Windows Media Player acts as a default media player when you launch multimedia applications in Windows. Media Player is also available as a standalone download on the Microsoft website and is capable of opening most standard media the file extensions such asAVI, WMV, MP3, and others.

The WMDB file extension is categorized as a database file type that contains a library of information which pertains to the end user’s digital media collection. The content in a WMDB file is used to reference personal audio and media files which are stored on the hard drive by the end user. Windows Media Player then scans the hard drive for the audio and media files using the WMDB file as a reference.

The database which is used by Windows Media Player stores information about the media stored on the hard drive. The information includes ID and WMA tags, media file location, images, and file names which are stored in a main file with the name CurrentDatabase_###.WMDB. The database file can automatically repair itself in the event the file becomes corrupt however in some cases, Windows Media Player cannot recover a WMDB file if the corruption is extreme. WMDB files are used by Windows Media Player 9 and later.

How to Open WMDB Files

If you are using the Windows operating system, chances are you already have Windows Media Player preinstalled in the operating system. In this case, try double clicking on the WMDB file to see if it will open Windows Media Player by default.

If you are using the Windows operating system and for some reason, Windows Media Player is not installed or you have an older version of Media Player, you can download a newer version which is available at no cost on the Microsoft website. Once the newer version is installed it will establish a WMDB database file which can be opened with the updated version of Windows Media Player.

If you are trying to open and view the contents of the file extension WMDB, you can use a text editing program to open the file. Although there is really no reason to do this, if it is necessary you can open a WMDB database file using an application such as Notepad or WordPad which is typically preinstalled in the Windows operating system. If you opt to open WMDB files using this method, use caution when reading the file to prevent inadvertently altering the content which could corrupt the file. If the corruption is severe, Windows Media Player will be unable to reference the file.