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File Extension WIDGET

Files with the file extension WIDGET are executable files associated with Yahoo Widget. They are used to perform a variety of functions on your PC and are used in conjunction with the Yahoo Widget Engine which you should download for use on your PC’s desktop.

Widget files were originally part of Konfabulator, which is now owned by Yahoo. Konfabulator was a JavaScript/XML run-time engine which was used with Mac operating systems. Files with the WIDGET extension were used to run JavaScript/xml mini-apps.

Since Yahoo took over Konfabulator, the WIDGET file extension can be used with multiple operating systems. Yahoo Widget Engine basically allows you to run widgets that function as a calculator, alarm clock, or other type of widget such as providing you with the information on your WiFi signal strength or the local weather report.

How to Open Widget Files

Regardless of the operating system you use, it is necessary to download and install the Yahoo Widget Engine to run files with the WIDGET extension. It is a freeware program which can be obtained from the websites such as Softpedia or CNET to manipulate with such files.

If you use Windows or Mac OS X, you can open WIDGET files by choosing the download website of your choice and then selecting the download option which is appropriate for the type of operating system. Once you begin the download and choose the location where you want to save the file, you will see the file named yahoowidgetengine.exe or yahoowidgets.exe. Simply double-click on it to launch the application to your desktop and open Widget files.

You can also choose to use a file converter to open files with a WIDGET extension. Yahoo offers a Widget Converter which will take a Widget file that is designed to run with the Yahoo Engine and convert it into another format of your own choosing. The conversion includes its own folder with a zipped widget or the latest flat widget format. Widget Converter is a free development tool offered by Yahoo. It will also clean up your WIDGET extensions during the process of conversion to make your applications perform more efficiently.

There is also a Universal Converter available through CNET that works in conjunction with the Yahoo Widget Engine and automatically converts files that contain a .WIDGET extension as you use them with the engine. The conversion is quick and accurate and appears in a small dialog box on your desktop.

Yahoo Widget Engine is a popular way to open this extension since it is compatible with the advanced graphic applications used with current scripting methods. This allows your Widget files to blend seamlessly into your desktop without the limitations of conventional window borders. You can also apply a few sliding techniques to allow this type of file to work effortlessly with either a Windows or Mac-based PC.