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File Extension WEBLOC

The file extension WEBLOC is associated with a Mac OS X website URL which identifies the location of a specific web page using the Safari web browser. WEBLOC files are known as Finder files which provide a shortcut to a website by dragging the website icon displayed in the URL address bar to the desktop of a Mac device.

The WEBLOC file extension is categorized as a web file type which contains a URL address of a website which was visited using the Safari web browser. The URL address is the address you see in the address bar at the top of a web browser interface. The file is typically in plain text format and is saved to the desktop or other folder in the Mac OS X operating system. The purpose of a WEBLOC file is to save a website link so it is easily accessible at a later date.

WEBLOC files are mostly related to Mac PCs and are used with a Mac version of the Safari web browser. The files can also be used with other web browsers which are compatible with Mac OS X. Other types of operating systems must use a text editing application to access the file since the file extension WEBLOC is solely functional with Mac OS X and browsers used with this operating system. This means the file cannot be accessed using the Windows version of Safari or by other web browsers used on operating systems other than Mac OS X.

How to Open WEBLOC Files

If you are using Mac OS X, double click on the file to see if the file extension WEBLOC will automatically open in a default program you have installed on your PC. WEBLOC files can be opened by a variety of web browsers installed on Mac OS X, so you may already have an application which will open the file.

The types of web browsers which will open the WEBLOC file on a Mac PC can include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Camino, which is an open source web browser designed for Mac OS X. All web browsers mentioned here are available as a free download on their respective websites. The Safari web browser is typically preinstalled on a Mac OS X device.

Since the file extension WEBLOC is stored in plain text ASCII format, the file can be opened using any text editing program. If you are using Windows or Linux, this is the only method which can be used to access WEBLOC file contents. Mac users can also opt to use a text editing application to open and modify a WEBLOC file. Text editing applications are typically included in most operating systems, or the majority of them can be accessed as a free download on websites such as CNET or Softpedia.

If you are using the Windows operating system, you can open WEBLOC files with WordPad, Notepad, PSPad, TextPad, Geany, Open Office Writer, or Microsoft Word. For Mac OS X, WEBLOC files can be opened using Apple TextEdit, AbiSource AbiWord, MacroMates TextMate, BareBones Software BBEdit, Bean OS X, or MacVim. For the Linux operating system, you can use BSD Vi, AbiSource AbiWord, gEdit, GNU Emacs, Leafpad, Pico, Nano Editor, Open Office Writer, or Vim to open and view the contents of the file extension WEBLOC.