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File Extension VFS

Files with the file extension VFS are associated with multiple programs and applications including VentaFax, UFO, and Virtual Files, which means the content of a VFS file will be associated with the program that created it.

VFS files that are created by VentaFax are a file type which contains data related to a variety of software applications. VentaFax is a software program designed to send and receive faxes from your computer. The application is also capable of acting as an answering machine with the ability to retrieve your voice messages and faxes simply by using a touch tone phone. The faxes and voice messages create a VFS file in which the contents will vary according to the purpose.

If the VFS file is associated with UFO, the file is a compressed archive and game file type that contains game elements, such as images, sound effects, audio, saved game position, and other necessary components for running a gaming application. UFO is a gaming application delivered in a series of different games which include Aftermath, Aftershock, and Afterlight.

VFS files that are created by the Virtual File system are system file types which contain an index file that assists with the creation of a virtual file system on your PC’s hard drive. The purpose of the virtual file system is to accelerate browsing activity and to make the process of searching for files easier and faster.

How to Open VFS Files

If you are unsure what program created the VFS file, double click on the file to see if it automatically opens in a default program. If the file was created on your PC, there may be a chance that you have the appropriate application installed.

If the VFS file is created by VentaFax, this is a software application that is exclusive to the Windows operating system. In order to open this type of VFS file, you must have the VentaFax program installed on your PC. The application is available in both a home and business version which can accommodate several modems simultaneously.

The VFS file extension created by UFO Altar Games can be opened using the Dragon UnPACKer utility. This program will allow you to open VFS files created by any version of the UFO gaming application. The files are opened in a browser interface where you can view and extract the contents. If you have difficulty opening VFS files using this method, Dragon UnPACKer includes an alternative utility known as HyperRipper.

VFS files that are Virtual system files are not meant to be opened manually since they can be used by a variety of different hardware devices. The only exception to this rule is if you use the Linux operating system. In this case, you can open VFS virtual system files using Gnome VFS, which provides an abstraction layer that allows you to work with VFS files.