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File Extension UIF

UIF files are a highly compressed file format which is used for backing up content on a CD or DVD. This type of file is fast and reliable and provides a set of features that protect the CD/DVD. Some of the features include data encryption capability, password protection, checksum support, and the ability to backup multiple sessions CD/DVD, VCD, DVD-Video, and Audio CD.

Since UIF is a compressed format, it is capable of compressing large amounts of raw data in addition to saving the data of an entire disk sector. UIF files also provide a safe method for transmitting CD/DVD content over the Internet since it cannot be access by an unauthorized user or intercepted by a sniffer.

UIF stands for Universal Image Format. The files are associated with MagicISO which is a tool that is used to create and edit image files. UIF files are typically favored over ISO files, which contain an entire image of a CD/DVD, due to the ability to secure the content during transmission and the convenience of the highly compressed format.

How to Open UIF Files

UIF files are exclusive to MagicISO; therefore, in order to view the files, you must mount them using the MagicISO program or similar ISO program. MagicISO is not a free program; however, you can use the trial version to decompress and open UIF files. The software program is available for download from

One you have downloaded and installed MagicISO, click on Tools on the main toolbar of the application and then choose Decompress UIF Image from the drop-down menu. When the Decompress window opens, choose the source file and then choose the output file. One of the positive aspects of this feature is you can choose the ISO format which allows you to open and view UIF files using any disk manager software, including free programs.

Next you should download MagicDisc which is available as a free download from the MagicISO website. This program will help you manage the files on a CD/DVD and supports a wide variety of disc formats.

Once you have MagicDisc installed, it should automatically place an icon for the program on your PC’s desktop. Right click on the icon and choose Virtual CD/DVD-ROM from the drop-down menu. Click on No Media and then choose the Mount option. Browse for the ISO file you created with MagicISO and then click on Open.

Once you have opened the ISO file, you should be able to view the contents by navigating to My Computer and clicking the CD drive. Also, once the UIF file is converted to an ISO file, you can use other programs such as PowerISO to open and view UIF files.