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File Extension UHA

The file extension UHA is defined as a UHARC compressed file archive which is created using the UHARC multimedia archiver application. UHARC is a free closed source software application which uses a highly compressed format capable of compressing more than 1GB of data down to a smaller file size of 180MB. UHARC was created by Uwe Herklotz and is available in different versions, such as UHARC v0.6a, v0.6b, v0.4, 1.0, and others.

The UHA file extension is categorized as a compressed file type which contains a variety of different data which can include files and folders, application data, multimedia, and other files which are backed up in a compressed format. UHA files created with UHARC are a smaller file size than RAR compressed archives created with WinRAR; however, it can take longer to decompress the file depending upon the version of UHARC you are using or the type of alternative compression utility program being used.

There is also UHARC CMD which was created by Sam Gleske and is an open source compression utility which integrates the compressor command line UHARC v0.6b created by Uwe Herklotz into the Windows Shell in addition to using batch scripts as opposed to compiled source code. This sets UHARC apart from other UHARC Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) since it provides an easier way to compress files simply by right clicking on the file and choosing Compress from the drop-down menu.

How to Open UHA Files

Depending upon the version of UHARC which was used to create the file extension UHA, you must use the specific version of UHARC which created the file. For example, compressed UHA files which were created with UHARC v.0.4 cannot be opened using UHARC v.0.6. Later versions of UHARC are also not designed to be backwards compatible with the earlier versions of UHARC. UHARC is available as a free download on the UHARC CMD website and is designed for use with the Windows operating system.

Another compression utility application which will open the file extension UHA is WinUHA 2.0, which is a file compression utility program that provides a graphical interface for UHARC. WinUHA is capable of archiving multiple files in a highly compressed format; however decompression tends to be slower when you use WinUHA to extract data from the UHA file extension. WinUHA is available as a free download on the Softonic website and is compatible with the Windows operating system.

You can also opt to use File Compress 2.0, which is compression utility application that creates UHARC compressed archives and offers multiple compression modes such as normal, fast, ALZ, LZP, and others. The application is also capable of extracting data from a single file and offers an enhanced shell windows integration option. FileCompress is available as a free download on the Softpedia website and will open the file extension UHA. FileCompress 2.0 is designed for use with the Windows operating system.