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File Extension U3P

The file extension U3P is associated with SanDisk U3 Smart Drive, which is aUSBflash drive that contains a U3 Launchpad and accompanying U3 applications. The U3 Launchpad is a Windows program manager which is included with a U3 Smart Drive. The U3 applications are preinstalled applications which automatically run from the U3 Smart Drive.

The file extension U3P is categorized as an executable file type which contains application executable files and configurations that assist with launching programs from a U3 Smart Drive. The content also includes a set of directories which include device, manifest, data, and host, in addition to the executable file, all of which are saved in a compressed file format. The manifest is the file which stores the configurations for the U3 application.

U3 platforms are offered by many manufacturers of flash drives in addition to SanDisk. Other producers such as Kingston, Verbatim, and others have U3 Smart Drives on the market which use the U3 Launchpad and accompanying applications. The U3 platform is popular since it provides a way for software developers to easily create U3 smart applications which are portable and can be launched on any device equipped with aUSBport using a U3 Smart Drive.

How to Open U3P Files

The file extension U3P can be opened using the U3 Launchpad included in a SanDisk U3 Smart Drive. The U3 Launchpad can also be downloaded at no cost on the SanDisk U3 website. Once the software is installed on a U3 Smart Drive, the file extension U3P can be opened by inserting the U3 Smart Drive into aUSBport on a desktop PC, tablet computer, or other mobile device equipped with aUSBport which uses the Windows operating system.

Since the file extension U3P is stored in a compressed file format, the file can be opened using a compression utility application. If you are using the Windows operating system, you can use WinZip 16.5 which is offered in a free trial version on the Corel WinZip website. You can also opt to use Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe which is capable of decompressing and extracting ZIP files. StuffIt Deluxe is available for download on the Smith Micro website and is also offered in a Mac edition for Mac devices.

WinRAR and PeaZip will open and extract U3P files in Windows as well. WinRAR 4.2 is created by RARLab and is available for download on the on the WinRAR website. PeaZip 4.9.1 is a compression utility which will open ZIP files as well as extract RAR files. PeaZip is offered as a free download on the SourceForge website.