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File Extension TORRENT

TORRENT files provide a way to rapidly distribute a variety of different content on the Internet using peer-to-peer file sharing technology which is commonly known as BitTorrent.

Torrent file extensions typically end in .TORRENT and you can look at this format as another method for downloading files from the initial creator. Files are created from a source online which acts as the focal point. Each person, who downloads the data, uses the BitTorrent file sharing technology to distribute files to others. There are also other peer-to-peer file sharing programs, such as uTorrent and others, which allow you to download files with the TORRENT extension.

How to Open TORRENT Files

Before you can download a file with the file extension TORRENT, it is necessary to download the BitTorrent client. BitTorrent is not an application, such as LimeWire or others. Instead, it is a client that is used for downloading files with the TORRENT extension.

Once you have located a file on the Internet that you want to download, such as video or other type of content, you locate the torrent link and then download the file. Prior to downloading it, your browser will ask you the location where you want to download the TORRENT file. At this point you indicate that you want to access the file using your BitTorrent client. Once BitTorrent opens the file, you can choose the location where you want to save the file and then click on OK.

Files with the file extension TORRENT do not actually contain the actual content. Instead, the file contains data that instructs BitTorrent where it can locate peers who are currently sharing the file. This defines BitTorrent as a file sharing community, so you must follow certain protocols to avoid being an outcast. To do this, you must balance your downloads with the uploads as the client tracks this activity. If the ratio becomes out of balance, you can keep the file on your PC but discontinue sharing it with other peers.

In terms of compatibility, BitTorrent works with both Windows-based and Mac PCs, and so does uTorrent. If you are using the Linux operating system, KTorrent works well for this type of setup.