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File Extension TMP

Files with a file extension TMP are temporary files that are created by PC programs and applications and serve a variety of different purposes. Such files store temporary data primarily when a program is unable to distribute enough memory to execute tasks associated with the program. Temporary data will also be stored in TMP files when an application is processing data that is larger than the address space or as a means for retrieving data in the event of a system crash.

TMP files, which are created by applications and programs, are known as cache files and are used to provide additional memory. TMP files used for backup are created as a means for restoring data to an application or program if you experience a system crash.

With most programs, TMP files are automatically deleted when there is no longer a need for them. However, some programs and applications create TMP files without deleting them when they are no longer necessary. Sometimes this can happen as a result of a system crash or because the program does not contain the proper code which automatically deletes a TMP file when it is no longer needed.

Although there is a need for certain types of TMP files, if they remain in the program, this can occupy a significant amount of space on your hard disk and eventually compromise PC performance. This is typically the case with Internet TMP files that remain in the cache following each browsing session.

How to Open TMP Files

If you need to open temporary files, depending upon the file type they can be opened with any word processing program, such as Microsoft Word. All you have to do is open the word processing program, click on File on the toolbar and then choose Open from the drop-down menu. Browse to the location of the file extension TMP and then click on Open.

You can also open these files using your web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Safari. Click on File on the main toolbar and choose Open from the drop-down menu. Browse to the TMP file location and then click on Open.

If you find a TMP file in a folder location on your PC, you can also open it by right clicking on the file name and then choosing Open With from the drop-down menu. Depending upon the file type, you can browse to your word processing program or choose your browser as the tool for opening the TMP file extension.