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File Extension TLG

The file extension TLG is associated with QuickBooks Pro by Intuit. QuickBooks Pro is a financial software application which provides tools for managing finances. The tools include but are not limited to creating invoices, tracking sales, recording expenses, storing records, preparing taxes, making payments, and organizing a wide variety of financial information.

The TLG file extension is categorized as a backup file which contains financial data, transaction logs, and other information created with the QuickBooks Pro software application. The file is created whenever you backup data stored in a QBW file.

QBW files are the original QuickBooks file which is archived when data is condensed in QuickBooks. In this case, the QBW file is typically named Archive Copy ##/##/200#.QBW. The # symbol is replaced with numerical data to represent separate QBW files. TLG files are stored with QBW files and are commonly identified with the filename of [filename].QBW.TLG.

In the event of data loss, the file extension TLG can be used to restore the data in a QBW file back to its original state. Data loss in QuickBooks can occur as the result of file corruption, system failure, and other similar events.

How to Open TLG Files

The most common way to open TLG files is by using the QuickBooks Pro software application. If you are using the Windows operating system, you can use the 2012 version of QuickBooks Pro. For Mac OS X, QuickBooks Pro 2013 will open TLG files. Both applications are available in a paid version on the Intuit website as well as an upgrade if you already have the QuickBooks software application.

You can also convert TLG files to another format such as XLS, XLSX, and PDF for use with other financial applications such as Microsoft Excel and others. This can be accomplished by clicking on File on the main toolbar of QuickBooks and then choosing Export from the menu. Then select “Send the report to a new Excel spreadsheet” and click OK. Once the Excel application automatically launches, you can save the file with an XLS or XLSX extension.

QuickBooks TLG files can also be converted to Portable Document Format (PDF) using the QuickBooks PDF Converter. PDF format is compatible with all platforms and can be read by virtually any operating system. The PDF Converter is built into QuickBooks and can be accessed by clicking on File and then selecting Print from the menu. Under Print simply choose PDF printer to convert and print the file from QuickBooks.