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File Extension THM

THM files are used for small images which are similar to thumbnail images you typically see in a digital catalog, icons, or a gallery of digital images. THM files are primarily used for the web and can lead to larger images similar to what you see when you search Google images.

THM files are created by digital cameras and are used to load a gallery of images quickly since the file size is so small. They can also be used for video thumbnail images when you save short video clips. The images are taken from the first few frames of the video which allows the viewer to quickly scan through the THM files to understand what the video content is about.

Files that contain the THM file extension can also store configuration settings for use with Sony mobile devices. In this regard, the file content contains data related to text and fonts, wallpaper, icons, and other files associated with configuring the interface on the device.

How to Open THM Files

When THM files are saved, you may see them in your files as videoclip02.thm which is associated with videoclip02.avi. This is because THM files are always associated with the corresponding video where they originate. They can also be saved in JPG format which allows you to view the images with the same programs you would use to view JPG files.

If you use Mac OS X, you can open THM files using Apple Preview, Adobe Photoshop CS6 or any picture viewer that is compatible with a Mac-based PC. You can also choose to convert THM files using Total Video Converter which is compatible with Mac OS PCs.

If you use Windows, you can open THM files with Windows Photo Viewer, Microsoft Paint which is included with your operating system, Sony Picture Motion Browser, or the Canon ZoomBrowser EX. If you want to invest a little money, you can open THM files using Adobe Photoshop CS6 which is on the expensive side but well worth the money. There are also a variety of file converters available as a free download from sites such as Softonic and CNET that will convert THM files to another format for use with a compatible application.

As an added tip, a THM file can also be associated with the Thermwood Mastercam. In this case, a THM file is used to provide instructions for the Thermwood CNC router for networking. The files provide instructions that help to automate processes in the router configuration including logging networking events that occur with the router hardware. In this instance, THM files would need to be opened using the Thermwood Mastercam program.