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File Extension SYS

Files with a file extension SYS are responsible for starting and configuring Windows operating system. They are a key part of different functions and programs which run the operating system. SYS files store operating system code as well as device drivers which run different applications on your PC.

So, it is necessary to exercise caution when opening files with the file extension SYS. They should never be modified by a user who is unfamiliar with the code contained in them. If you know how to work with a SYS file, it is important to use a configuration tool as opposed to modifying the file in a program, such as WordPad. You should also create a backup in advance of editing the file.

How to Open SYS Files

SYS files are typically opened using a Windows-based PC. These files are stored in Windows directory which is typically located on the C drive.

You can access Windows directory by clicking on Start on the main toolbar and then choosing My Computer from the pop-up menu. Double click on the C drive in the new window and then choose Windows from the list. If you are using Windows 7 operating system, you can take a shortcut by clicking on Start and then typing Explore in search box. Choose Windows Explorer from the pop-up menu and then double click the C drive. From there you can search for the SYS file that you want to open.

You can also open a SYS file on a Mac PC using Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac which allows you to run alternative operating systems on a Mac PC with an Intel setup. Parallels Desktop 7 runs as an application within the Mac operating system.

Opening SYS Files as a Programmer

If you are a programmer or PC technician, you can open SYS files by running your PC in MS-DOS mode and using the System Configuration tool.

To access the Configuration Tool, simply click on Start on the main toolbar and enter sysedit in the search box for Windows 7 or in the Run command for Windows XP and then press the Enter key. In the new window click on the SYS file you want to access and modify. Following any changes you make, click Save and then close the window. Restart your PC.

For MS-DOS Mode open the prompt and enter the name of the SYS file you want to access, such as edit.config.sys. When you are finished with making modifications to the file, press the Alt key, then the F key and finally the X key. From there you will be prompted to save any changes. Press the Enter key to complete the process and restart your PC.