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File Extension SQM

Files with the file extension SQM are associated with events and activities on a Windows PC. SQM files can also be related to Operation Flashpoint, which is an older computer game developed in 2001. This means that the contents of an SQM file will be relevant to the appropriate program that created it.

In relation to the Windows operating system, SQM stands for Service Quality Monitoring, which refers to files created by the Microsoft Service Quality Monitoring program. This is a program that is exclusive to Microsoft and contains log files of events and activities that occur in Windows. These are activities such as operating system performance, application and file errors, and program use.

SQM files are located in the root directory of your PC and record information which is sent back to Microsoft for the purpose of making improvements in programs and applications. The files do not contain any personal information and instead store data associated with activities in the operating system.

If the SQM files are related to Operation Flashpoint, they will contain data that pertains to vehicle and real-time tactic elements used in a military video game.

How to Open SQM files

SQM files associated with Microsoft Service Quality Monitoring are hidden file types that you cannot immediately detect in the Windows operating system. In order to open SQM files, you must make the SQM extension visible in the operating system files.

To locate SQM files in Windows, click on Start on the main toolbar and then choose My Computer or Computer from the menu. Click on Tools on the main toolbar and then choose Folder Options from the drop-down menu. There click on View and allow the list to load. Remove the check mark next to Hide extensions for known file types. Then search for the SQM files you want to open by typing SQM in the search box.

Right click on the SQM file you want to open and choose Open With from the drop-down menu. Choose Windows Live Essentials from the submenu or click on Browse to locate it if the program is not listed. If you cannot locate the program, you can download it from the Microsoft download website for free.

If the SQM file is related to Operation Flashpoint, you can open it in Windows using the Operation Flashpoint program, which is available on the Flashpoint website. You can also open this type of SQM file using Bohemia Interactive Studio Operation Flashpoint, which works with Windows and Mac and is available as a free trial download from the Bohemia Interactive website.