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File Extension SIT

Files with the SIT extension are associated with Smith Micro Stuffit software, which is a file compression utility program. SIT files are in a compressed format and can also contain the extension SITX if they are created with a newer version of Stuffit.

SIT files contain any type of data that can be compressed into a smaller format. SIT files can be decompressed using Stuffit Expander so you can extract and view the contents of the compressed files. SIT files are typically compressed using Smith Micro Stuffit Deluxe and may contain additional compressed files.

Compressed formats are also known as archived files. This means the file is a series of smaller files which have been compressed together for the purpose of storage and backup. Archived files can also be used to speed up the transmission process when the files are sent in the form of an email attachment or other method using the Internet.

Most compression utility programs are capable of creating compressed archive formats in addition to being able to decompress the files. Once the files are decompressed, you can view the contents of each separate file or folder.

How to Open SIT Files

If you received an SIT file as an email attachment, you can try opening the file by double clicking on it to see if it opens in a default application. If you have a Zip program installed on your PC, it may be capable of opening the file by default.

You can open the file extension SIT in Windows by using Smith Micro Stuffit Deluxe for Windows. Stuffit Deluxe is available as a 30-day free trial from the website by Smith Micro. You can use this program to create and compress zipped file archives in addition to opening SIT format. It is also possible to use ExtractNow, which is a decompression utility available as a free download from the relevant website and is designed to extract multiple files which have been placed in a compressed format.

For Mac OS X, you can use Smith Micro Stuffit Deluxe for Mac, which performs the same functions as in Windows. Stuffit Deluxe is available as a free trial version for one month and can be downloaded from the Smith Micro website. You can also use Dare to be Creative Archiver for Mac, which is available in a free trial version from the ArchiverApp website, or The Unarchiver, which is a file extraction utility available from the Mac App Store.

SIT files can also be converted to another format using an archive file conversion program or an online conversion utility such as the Zamzar website.