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File Extension SISX

The file extension SISX is associated with the Symbian operating system, which is an operating system used with Nokia and a number of other mobile devices. Symbian OS is one of the first user friendly operating systems for mobile phones and the platform is still widely used for Nokia mobile devices.

Symbian OS is known to be user friendly since it is designed for use with a wide variety of applications which provide users with multitasking capabilities. The operating system is also equipped with a number of preinstalled applications which provide tools for browsing, instant messaging, managing contacts, email, video conferencing, and other features that allow for multitasking.

The file extension SISX is categorized as a miscellaneous file type which stores installation packages and archives that are used with the Symbian operating system. SISX files are used with the 9.1 version of Symbian OS or later which is installed with Nokia S60 or UIQ 3 platform. The S60 platform is used with Nokia and Samsung mobile devices where the UIQ 3 platform is installed in Motorola and Sony phones.

The file extension SISX is similar to the file extension SIS except SISX files are used with newer devices. SIS files are installation files which are used for devices that operate with Symbian OS on older devices. Both SIS and SISX files contain data which is separated into two parts. The first part of a SIS file contains metadata to describe the files which are to be installed on a mobile device. The second part of the file contains the actual data related to the file which is used for the installation process.

The two part process is created by the MakeSIS application and use a signature from the SignSIS utility. The two processes assume the name of makesis and signsis.

How to Open SISX Files

If you are a developer, the file extension SISX can be opened using Symbian mobile application development programs. More information on obtaining these services is available on the Symbian Mobile Application Development website. SISX installation packages are created using the Symbian C++ programming language and should be opened using the appropriate corresponding development application.

For the average user, the file extension SISX can be opened using a Nokia, Samsung, Sony, or Motorola device with Symbian OS installed in addition to the appropriate platform (S60 or UIQ 3).

You can also open SISX files using PC Suite 7.1 by Nokia, which is a software application that provides a way to sync content from your mobile phone to a PC. The tools also help to manage content from your mobile device directly on your PC. PC Suite 7.1 is available for download on the Nokia website and is designed for use with Windows XP and later.

If you are planning to sync your contacts and calendar using PC Suite 7.1, you must use one or more of the following compatible programs: Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010 (32-bit version), Microsoft Outlook Express and Windows Address Book, Microsoft Windows Calendar and Contacts, Lotus Notes 5.x, 6.x, 7.0, and 8.x, and Lotus Organizer 5.x or 6.x.

The file extension SISX can also be opened using SISXExplorer or SISContents software applications. SISXExplorer is an extraction utility application which allows you to extract and open the files contained in 3rd Edition installation packages for Symbian OS. SISX file contents can then be read using an integrated Hexadecimal viewer. The SISX Explorer software application is available for download on the Symbian Toys website and is designed for use with the Windows operating system.

SISContents is a software application which provides tools for unpacking, editing, and signing SIS installation packages for Sybian OS 9 and later. You can use this application to open and view the scripts which describe the installation process as well as the signature certificates. SISContents is available on the Symbian Development CDTools website and is compatible with the Windows operating system.