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File Extension SIS

SIS files are installation files used for devices that operate on Symbian OS. The file extension SIS is installer archive created by the Symbian Installation Source and used with mobile devices such as Nokia and Motorola cell phones.

SIS files contain data which is separated into two parts. The first part contains metadata used to describe the files which are to be installed on a mobile device. The second part contains the actual data related to the file which is used for the installation process.

SIS files support the compression for each of the files contained in this format. The individual compression of each file reduces the amount of space needed to perform the installation process. SIS files also contain signatures which enable an installation package to be verified and signed. Once the package is installed on the mobile device, SIS files also support re-verification of signatures and certificates.

Symbian OS is created by the Nokia Corporation and is one of the first operating systems used for smart phones. Since Symbian offers a wide array of features for multitasking, widgets, Adobe Flash, and much more, SIS files can be quite extensive, hence the reason for the compression of individual files.

How to Open SIS Files

Since SIS files are installation files, they only need to be opened if you are a programmer or developer for mobile phone applications. You can open SIS files using any compatible mobile device to install the Symbian OS. When you open a SIS file on your mobile phone, it will automatically run the installer.

If you want to view the contents and information contained on SIS files, your best bet is to download and install SISContents which is a software application to unpack, edit, and sign Symbian SIS files. This type of software application also allows you to read the files contained in the SIS package, view the certificates and signatures, and PKG script which describes the installation process for your mobile device.

SISContents also allows you to edit the SIS package contents and create SIS packages from PKG scripts which are installer scripts providing instructions on the installation process of Symbian OS. The program can also be used to modify themes for the S60 platform as well as view and extract images from multi-bitmap files embedded in SIS packages.

SISContents is compatible with Windows XP, 2003 Server, Vista, 2008 Server, and Windows 7 and is available as a free download from the Symbian Development website.