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File Extension SHX

The file extension SHX is associated with multiple programs and applications and various file types. The programs and applications include ArcGIS, AutoCAD, and Motorola RAZR. SHX files contain data and information related to the program that created the file.

If the file extension SHX is related to ArcGIS, the file is a data file type that contains geometry files that are also known as shapefiles. The shapefile is created by ESRI and is a geospatial data file which is used with GIS (Geographical Information Systems) software. The data offers a description of points, polygons, and other geometric shapes used to describe geographical water locations such as wells and lakes. ArcGIS is a program by ESRI that provides a way to convert data into information which can be analyzed in a Geographic Information System (GIS).

SHX files which are part of AutoCAD are a CAD file type which stores two and three dimensional graphics, shape files, vector fonts, and other elements used in Computer Aided Design. AutoCAD is a Computer Aided Design (CAD) software application produced by Autodesk which provides a way to create 2D and 3D drawings for the engineering industry.

If the file extension SHX is associated with Motorola RAZR, the file is a various file type which stores data that assists with customizing the interface of a Motorola cell phone. SHX files are used to add flash to the memory and firmware of a Motorola phone. The process is accomplished by connecting a RAZR cell phone to your PC and then running an RSD program to open the file.

How to Open SHX Files

If the SHX file is part of ArcGIS, you can open it using the ESRI ArcGIS (formerly known as ArcView) application. ArcGIS can be downloaded as a free trial version on the ESRI website and requires Microsoft .NET framework on a Windows PC. If you have Windows installed on a Mac PC, you must add BootCamp, Parallels, or VMWare in order to open SHX files using ArcGIS.

SHX files that are related to AutoCAD can be opened using the AutoCAD program which is available for download on the AutoDesk website. AutoCAD is available in a trial version and is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. You can also use SketchUp, which is an open source Computer Aided Design application that can be downloaded on the Google website. SketchUp is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and the Linux operating system.

If the file extension SHX is associated with Motorola RAZR, the file can be opened using the PST Phone Programmer or RSD Lite application. Both programs are available for download on the Motorola website and are compatible with the Windows operating system.