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File Extension SHS

The file extension SHS is associated with the Microsoft Windows operating system as an object file or an application file. If the extension is displayed as SHSH, the file is associated with Apple iPhone. SHS files contain data and information related to the program that created the file.

If the SHS file extension is related to Microsoft Windows, the file can be classified as a system file type or as a document or program executable file type. If it is a system file type, the file is associated with Windows 98, NT, and ME which are older versions of Windows which have a clipboard service preinstalled. SHS files contain system data which is used with the clipboard viewer service.

If the file extension SHS is defined as a document or program executable file type for Microsoft Windows, it is a shell scrap object file which is used in newer versions of the Windows operating system. Shell scrap files are Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) files which are not readable if you attempt to open them manually. Instead, this type of SHS file is read by dragging and dropping the file into Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, and then the scrap file is added to your PC’s desktop. If you delete the desktop file, the related scrap file which was dropped into the document will be deleted as well.

SHS files which used the SHSH extension are a system file type which contains an Exclusive Chip ID used with the Apple iPhone 3GS, iPad, and iPod Touch. The unique ID is generated for use with iTunes which connects with Apple servers to create a unique signature that identifies a specific Apple device.

How to Open SHS Files

SHS files which are related to Windows 98, NT, and ME clipboard service contain information that has been copied from a specific location. The data which is stored on the clipboard remains on the clipboard until it is overwritten. If the data has not been overwritten, you can access the file extension SHS by clicking on Start on the main toolbar of the desktop and navigating to Programs. From the Programs menu click on Accessories and then choose System Tools. Choose the Clipboard Viewer on the System Tools menu to open SHS files.

If the SHS file is defined as a shell scrap object file, it can be opened by dragging and dropping into the appropriate Windows application such as Microsoft Word or Excel. If you are unable to locate the SHS file, this is due to the fact that SHS files are hidden in Windows by default.

To find the SHS file, click on Start and then choose My Computer from the menu. In the My Computer window click on the C Drive and then click on Tools on the main toolbar. Choose Folder Options from the drop-down menu and allow the list to load. Remove the check mark next to Hide File Extensions and then click Apply and OK. This will allow you to find the SHS file you want to open so you can view the contents.

If the file extension SHS is displayed as SHSH, you must use Apple iTunes to open the file. Since it is a system file type which identifies your device for making purchases from Apple iTunes, you should use either Apple iTunes for Windows or Apple iTunes for Mac to open the file. Access to iTunes is available on the Apple website.