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File Extension SAV

Files that contain the SAV extension are files which have been saved from a specific program or application. If you have come across a SAV file, it is difficult to determine what application the file is associated with since there are so many different possibilities in this category.

SAV files can be used in more than a dozen of different ways, but the most common type of SAV file is related to PC games. In this case, a SAV file is used to save the game process for a specific PC gaming application.

In terms of content SAV files contain processes that pertain to a game and the files are created whenever you close the game application or if you have the program configured to save the game at various checkpoints. Since PC games can take hours to complete, the SAV file is used to save game processes, so when you open the application again, you can pick up where you left off. When you reload the gaming application, your PC automatically retrieves the SAV file to open the process at the checkpoint where you last were when you exited the application.

How to Open SAV Files

If you have found a SAV file on your PC and you do not know what application it belongs to, try double clicking on it to see if it opens the corresponding application by default. If the file was created on your PC, chances are you have the appropriate application installed for opening the SAV file.

The problem with SAV files is once they are created with a specific gaming application only that program is capable of opening the file. Additionally, a SAV file can be created with a program other than games; however, since games are the most popular type of application that uses SAV files, this type of file is typically associated with PC games.

Typically it is not necessary to manually open a SAV file since the corresponding application does this automatically. However, a few games allow you to open and edit files to increase your chances of winning by changing the game rules and circumstances. In this case the author of the game application may provide you with a game editing file or you can download a hexadecimal editor to open and edit a SAV file.

Hexadecimal editors are available as freeware and allow you to view and edit SAV files and their structure from the program interface in the editor. Programs such as HxD Hex Editor allow you to analyze game files, repair disk structures, and locate game cheats. There are a number of features in a hex editor that allow you to perform edits, such as search and replace, file comparison, export source code to a programming application, and other functions that allow you to open and edit content in a SAV file.