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File Extension RUF

The file extension RUF is associated with Samsung DVD and Blu-ray players and ProWORX by Schneider Electric. Samsung is a manufacturer of a wide array of electronic devices and ProWORX is a programming application which provides a suite of tools for testing projects prior to running them in a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) environment.

If the file extension RUF is related to Samsung, the file is a system file type that contains firmware updates which are used for Samsung SVS and Blu-ray devices. The firmware updates are transferred to Samsung devices using a USB flash drive. The firmware file is copied to the flash drive and is identified by a RUF file extension prior to being connected to a Samsung DVD or Blu-ray player USB port.

RUF files which are part of ProWORX are a data file type which contains data used for the testing and analysis of operating system components. The contents typically include reference data and tables which allow a project to be accurately tested to efficiently manage I/O subsystems and to analyze a power plant’s activity in real-time using the Windows environment.

How to Open RUF Files

Since the file extension RUF is a system file type, there is really no reason to open the file unless you are a developer or programmer. In this case you can open an RUF file using a text editing program such as Notepad or WordPad for Windows, Apple TextEdit for Mac, or gEdit and Nano Editor for Linux. You can also opt to use a programming application such as Microsoft Visual Studio or other similar development applications.

Other than the above exception, the best way to use the RUF file extension is by connecting a USB flash drive to the USB port in a Sony DVD or Blu-ray player to open the file and deliver the firmware updates. The file extension RUF can also be copied to a CD/DVD media disk before it is inserted into the Samsung device to perform updates.

If the file extension RUF is associated with ProWORX, you can open the file using ProWORX 32 984LL programming software. ProWORX is designed for use with the Windows operating system and Windows NT and 2000 environments. ProWORX is available on the Schneider Electric website with the choice of a trial version for a limited time and a full paid version,

ProWORX RUF files should not be converted to another format due to the fact the file is a proprietary format. Converting the file to another format may compromise the integrity of the file and the accuracy of the information contained in the file.