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File Extension RM

Files in the RM format are media files created by RealNetworks. The file extension .RM stands for RealMedia and is a container format that is used with RealVideo and RealAudio, available in a broad range of multimedia players. RM file extensions are used to stream video and audio over the Internet using multimedia applications such as RealPlayer.

The content which is included in the file extension .RM includes audio and video playback data and different files such as codecs which are necessary for facilitating the process of streaming audio and video. RM files can be used to interact with multimedia directly from a website in your browser or the files may be downloaded to a PC or mobile device for use with a multimedia player.

How to Open RM Files

If you want to open RM files for watching video and/or listening to audio, it is necessary to have a multimedia player installed on your PC or any browser that is equipped with a RealPlayer plugin.

For the Windows operating system you can open RM files using RealPlayer, Jet Audio, GRETECH GOM Player, and the Windows version of VLC Media Player. You may also open the files with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari browsers.

If you usŅƒ Mac OS X, you can open RM files using RealPlayer or VLC Media Player for Mac, and any browser listed above as long as it has the RealPlayer plugin.

For the Linux operating system you may use RealNetworks RealPlayer or VideoLAN VLC Media Player to open RM files. Like the previous systems mentioned you may also use any browser with the RealPlayer plugin.

In the event it is difficult to open RM files, there are a variety of conversion programs which will allow you to open RM files. There are many of these programs, but to provide you with a starting point you can use Online Media Technologies AVS Video Converter for Windows and ShedWorx Smart Converter for Mac OS X. By using a conversion program you can convert RM files to MP3, MOV, and other multimedia file formats.

A Word about Opening RM Files for Editing

If you want to open RM files for editing them, it will be necessary to download a video editing program such as Adobe Premiere which will allow you to work with RM files. If you find Adobe Premiere too advanced, Adobe Photoshop CS6 offers a brand new feature that allows you to perform basic edits to multimedia files including the RM format.