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File Extension RDF

Files that contain the RDF extension are associated with more than one dozen different programs and applications. RDF files are mainly related to Mozilla and are written in a programming language known as the Resource Description Framework. RDF is a programming language that is used to define data associated with web resources.

RDF file extensions are a document file type that contains metadata, including website descriptions, site maps, logs, site maps, and settings for toolbars in the Mozilla Firefox web browser. RDF files can also contain data which is used for spreadsheet applications, including cell structures, images, graphs, charts, calculations, formulas, reports, and more.

Resource Description Framework also includes specifications defined by the World Wide Web Consortium. The formats include XML and a variety of other syntax formats which are used for web documents. The purpose of the formats is to define web resources in simple terms which are separated into three different parts, including subject, which defines the resource, predicate, which describes the characteristics, and object, which contains the property value for the predicate.

How to Open RDF Files

If you are unsure about the origin of an RDF file, double click on the file to see if it will automatically open in a default program. Since RDF files can be associated with a wide variety of programs, you may have an appropriate program installed on your PC that will open the file.

You can open RDF files using any version of the Mozilla Firefox browser to open RDF files in Windows. Other programs that will open RDF files in Windows include Mozilla Sea Monkey, Altrova XMLSpy, and SyncRO Soft oXygen XML Editor.

For Mac OS X or Linux, RDF files can be opened with Mozilla Firefox or Mozilla SeaMonkey. You can also use SyncRO Soft oXygen XML Editor, which allows you to open and edit XML file formats. This program is available as a free trial download on the oXygen XML website.

If the RDF files contain spreadsheet data, you can open this type of file using Microsoft Excel 2010 for Windows. Oracle Database and OpenOffice Spreadsheet will also open RDF files in Windows. Oracle Database and OpenOffice are available for download on the relevant websites. You can use Microsoft Excel 2011 to open RDF files on a Mac PC.

RDF files can also be created by a disk image program. This type of RDF file is saved in a compressed format before it is burned to a disk for the purpose of backup, storage, and file restoration. You can open RDF disk image files using Cyberlink PowerProducer or ISOBuster, which are designed for opening and viewing disk image file formats.