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File Extension RAM

Files that contain the .RAM file extension are audio files which are used for streaming audio and video over the Internet.  The file format was developed by RealNetworks and is designed to allow you to begin watching a video or listening to audio while the application is in the process of downloading.  This eliminates the need to be required to wait until the entire file has completed downloading.  RAM stands for Real Audio Media and is not to be confused with Random Access Memory which refers to PC memory storage.

Many online radio stations use files which are created with the file extension RAM since this allows listeners to begin listening to the audio before it has been completely downloaded from the Internet.  This is achieved through the use of a URL address which links to the actual storage location of the audio files.

How to Open RAM Files

RAM file extensions can be opened with any Windows-based PC or Mac OS X and by using a variety of applications which are designed to open this type of file.  If you are using the Windows operating system, files with the RAM extension can be opened using Windows Media Player or RealPlayer by RealNetworks.  You can also open RAM files using your web browser as long as it contains a RealPlayer plugin.

Other programs you can use to open files with the RAM extension include JetAudio Basic, DVD X Player, and Zoom Player Professional.  There are also a variety of conversion programs available online, such as Zamzar or Switch Audio File Converter that will help you to convert RAM files to MP3 format.  Converting RAM files using these programs is simple.  All you have to do is log onto the website, browse for the RAM file you want to convert, enter your email address, and click on Convert.  Within a few minutes the file is sent to your email inbox.

If you are using Mac OS X, files with the RAM extension can be opened with QuickTime, RealPlayer by RealNetworks, or Safari web browser with the RealPlayer plugin installed.  The same applications can be used if you are running the Linux operating system.

You can also create RAM files using RealOne Player for upload to a website online using RealServer streaming, web server playback, or local playback.  RAM file format can also be used to provide a remedy for upload errors by transmitting playback parameters in a file with a .RAM extension.  This is typically accomplished using the Helix Universal Server protocol to reduce errors associated with HTML protocols.