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File Extension R00

An R00 file is part of a multi-volume compressed RAR archive, which is the predecessor of WinRAR. Files that contain the R00 extension are part of a sequence of RAR files, which look like R00, R01, R02, etc. You may also see the sequence as 001, 002, 003, which is part of the newest version of RAR called WinRAR.

R00 files may be a single or part of a multi-volume file archive used with the WinRAR archiver. RAR files are data containers which can store a single file or multiple files in a compressed format. R00 files represent an additional volume of older WinRAR versions. For example, the 1st volume may use a RAR extension for the initial volume, which is followed by R00, R01, R02, etc.

For newer versions of WinRAR, the first volume may begin with RAR, but then it is followed by additional volumes of 001, 002, 003, and so on. The newest versions of WinRAR use the RAR extension for the first volume followed by additional volumes of Part1.RAR, Part2.RAR, Part3.RAR, etc.

How to Open R00 Files

In order to open R00 files, you must locate the split files in one directory using a file splitting tool such as Free File Splitter, GSplit, or HJSplit. Once you have all of the necessary files merged together, you can open the files starting with the first volume, which typically contains the RAR extension. Then you can work your way through the file opening the sequences such as R00, R01, R02, etc.

If you use Windows, 002 files can be opened using WinRAR compression utility tool, StuffIt Expander, 7-Zip, or ZipZag. IZArc and PeaZip will also open multi-volume file archives that contain R00 files.

For Mac OS X, you can use RAR for Mac OS X to open and view 002 files. Other programs such as StuffIt Expander for Mac and The Unarchiver will also open multi-volume file archives containing this extension.

If you use the Linux or UNIX operating system, you can use RAR for Linux, Xarchiver, or File Roller. You can also opt to use PeaZip, which is a multiplatform compression utility tool that will also work with Windows and Mac OS X.

In terms of file conversion, you cannot convert just the R00 file of a multi-volume archive. Instead, the entire compressed archive must be converted to another format. The only way to accomplish this is by decompressing the entire archive with a program such as WinRAR and then compressing it again using another type of compression utility application.