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File Extension QTR

The file extension QTR is associated with Apple QuickTime Player, which is a multimedia player developed by Apple, Inc. QuickTime Player is offered in both a Windows and Mac version and is capable of playing back high quality video and audio. QuickTime player supports a variety of multimedia formats such as WAV, MOV, and others, and typically comes preinstalled in Mac PCs. It can also be downloaded free of cost on the Apple website.

The QTR file extension is categorized as a plugin file type which is used to extend the capabilities of Apple QuickTime Player. A QTR file contains data which helps to support a variety of video codecs which can be added to QuickTime Player. The file is specifically designed for QuickTime Player and contains what is known as a resource fork which is proprietary to Mac devices. A resource fork provides the structured data which is necessary for supporting codecs and other multimedia player add-ons.

The file extension QTR is often associated with the file extension QTX, and the two file extensions are sometimes combined to add more flexibility to QuickTime Player. The files are combined using Apple QuickTime Rezwack tool which stores the two files and uses the QTX extension.

How to Open QTR Files

If the file extension QTR exists on your PC, try double clicking on the file to see if it will automatically open in a default application you have installed. If you use Apple QuickTime Player on a regular basis, chances are the file will automatically open in this program.

Since a QTR file is proprietary to Apple QuickTime Player, it should be opened using the QuickTime Player application. If you are using Windows, you can obtain the Windows version of QuickTime Player on the Apple website which is available in both a free and Pro version.

For Mac OS X, you can use the Mac version of Apple Quick Time Player which may already be preinstalled in a Mac PC. You can also obtain QuickTime Player in a free or paid version on the Apple website. The paid Pro version offers additional features and functions for playing back video and audio in addition to providing interactive features and handling panoramic images.

The newest version is Apple QuickTime 7. It provides a built-in media player with the capability to view Internet videos and high definition media. You can also view personal media in a variety of different formats with advanced video compression which is known as H.264. This type of compression technology reduces bandwidth and storage while delivering sharp high definition videos. Apple QuickTime 7 is also compatible with the file extension QTR and deploys the Rezwack tool for combining QTR and QTX files.