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File Extension PVM

The file extension PVM is associated with Image Zone Plus software by Hewlett-Packard. This extension is created by the Parallels Virtual Machine (PVM) but produced by Zone Plus software, which is a tool that has various hardware bundled together and has since been replaced by Photosmart.

PVM files contain image files and details related to the images stored in each folder. The files are essentially a digital photo album which is automatically created by a Hewlett-Packard digital camera. Once the camera captures the images, they are saved in the PVM file format.

PVM files also contain XML data for each image in the photo album, and the albums are designed for burning images to CD format for use with photo viewers and other similar applications.

How to Open PVM Files Associated with Image Zone

If the PVM files you are trying to open are used by Zone Plus Software by HP, the files will either be named index.pvm or album.pvm. In this case you can open PVM files using the Hewlett-Packard Image Zone Express, which is software that is available as a free download and allows you to edit, print, and share PVM files. The software can be provided on a CD that accompanied an HP product or you can obtain it as a free download from the Hewlett-Packard website.

PVM File and the Parallel Virtual Machine

Files with the extension PVM can also be associated with Parallels Desktop for Mac, which is a solution that provides a way to run Windows applications on a Mac-based PC. Parallels Desktop allows you to run Windows applications and Mac OS X applications simultaneously without having to restart your PC.

The concept of the Parallel Desktop is derived from the original Parallel Virtual Machine, which is a software package that allows UNIX and Windows PCs to be connected together on a network and then used as a single parallel PC. This setup was designed to allow users to exploit existing hardware to solve problems without additional costs. The problems involve those in the scientific, industrial, and medical industry.

How to Open PVM Files Associated with Parallel Desktop

When PVM files are used with a Mac-based PC, they are disk files which contain the files for loading Windows on a Mac OS PC. In this regard PVM files are considered to emulate a Windows hard drive in order for Windows to be loaded on a Mac PC.

To open this type of PVM file format, you must use Parallel Desktop for Mac to access and read PVM files. If the files have already been loaded on your PC, you can locate them by clicking on Finder. In the Finder window click on Documents and then choose the Parallels folder. Choose the folder that corresponds with the name of the Windows operating system and the PVM files should be located in this folder.