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File Extension PUB

PUB files extension is related to Microsoft Publisher which is an application used to create professional looking documents, brochures, newsletters, and other types of similar materials. Publisher is one of the applications of the Microsoft Office Professional Suite.

Files with the PUB extension contain a variety of text and graphic elements which have been formatted to create materials which are typically used for marketing and sales promotions. It is a form of a desktop publishing application which focuses on the small business market since it is typically considered to be an entry level application when compared to some of the higher end publishing applications such as Adobe CS6.

How to Open PUB Files

If you have received a PUB file, you can try clicking on it to see if it automatically locates the default program. If you have a compatible program installed on your PC, the PUB file will automatically open in this application.

If you cannot open the PUB file by default, you can download and install Microsoft Publisher to open and view the file. This will also allow you to perform any edits to the file as well. The only drawback is that there is a fee involved with downloading Publisher since it requires the purchase of the Microsoft Office Professional Suite.

You can also open and edit PUB file extensions using OpenOffice. This is a free office suite application which was created by open source software programmers. It offers a wide variety of office applications similar to those you find in Microsoft Office. OpenOffice is available from and is a compatible program for opening files with a PUB extension.

PUB files can also be accessed using Adobe InDesign; however, you must be prepared to shell out a lot of money to download the program. InDesign is a high-end desktop publishing program which is used by many commercial marketing companies. It is typically included in the suite of programs provided in the Adobe CS5 or CS6 suites. If you choose this route, it will be necessary for you to download the PUB2ID plugin for use with InDesign. This plugin is available from a number of sites online, and you can locate a download by performing a search on Google for PUB2ID plugin.

Another alternative for opening and viewing PUB files is to convert the file to PDF format, which is a universal format for viewing documents regardless of the type of operating system you use. You can download free PDF converter software to accomplish this task or use a conversion website service such as Zamzar which will convert the file for you.