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File Extension PPS

The file extension PPS is associated with the PowerPoint which is one of the applications provided by Microsoft Office. PowerPoint is used to create slide presentations and files with the PPS extension. Such files are protected by copyright.

Files created with PowerPoint are built on individual slides which contain text, graphics, animations, hyperlinks, and sometimes videos. The slides are set up so that they can be presented in a systematic order which results in a visual presentation on a specific topic.

If you have received a PPS file in an email attachment or have come across this type of file on your PC, there are several methods you can use to open and view its contents.

How to Open PPS Files

If you are unsure as to whether you have the necessary applications installed on your PC for opening a PPS file, you can begin by double clicking the file to see if it automatically finds the default program. If the default program exists, the PPS file will launch the application and then open the PPS file in the program. When the default program is present on your PC, double clicking on the PPS file automatically launches the application since it is an executable file. Executable files are designed to install and run a variety of software applications.

If you cannot open the file, chances are that you do not have Microsoft Office installed. In this case, you can download the PowerPoint File Viewer from the Microsoft download website. This application will allow you to view the files with the PPS extension; however, keep in mind you will be unable to edit the files in this mode.

To open and edit the PPS file, it is possible to use OpenOffice which is an open source application that is free to download from This program is a suite of office applications that include a slide presentation program similar to PowerPoint. The program is compatible with PPS files and will allow you to open and edit the file using this application in the OpenOffice suite.

You can also choose to use a file conversion program to open and view PPS files. This can tend to get complex due to the variety of elements which are typically included in slide presentations. If you are going to choose this route, the PPS files will need to be converted to either MPEG or DVD file. This may or may not work depending upon the type of conversion program you are using. Your best bet is to try an online conversion program such as Zamzar which allows you to browse for the file, enter your email address, and then choose the conversion option. Within minutes you will receive your file in your email inbox.