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File Extension PMD

Files that contain the extension PMD are associated with multiple programs and applications and various file types. The programs and applications include Adobe PageMaker, Poser Pro, Pegasus Mail, and PlanMaker. PMD files contain data and information related to the program that created the file.

If a PMD file is related to Adobe PageMaker, it is a data file type that contains layouts, text, images, font styles, colors, and other data used with desktop publishing products. Adobe PageMaker is a desktop publishing program created by Adobe Systems for the purpose of producing brochures, newsletters, business documents, and other similar products.

PMD files created by Poser Pro are image file types that contain 3D images, models, animations, and characters for use with digital art and 3D animation. Smith Micro Poser Pro is used to create a variety of digital art.

PMD files that are associated with Pegasus Mail are a data file type that contains dictionary information for users of the Pegasus Mail program. Pegasus Mail is a free email client that is used by individuals or PCs which are joined together on a Local Area Network (LAN).

If a PMD file is created by PlanMaker, it is a spreadsheet file type that contains cell data, spreadsheet layouts and structures, mathematical calculations, tables, charts, graphs, font styles, and other elements you typically use in a spreadsheet application. PlanMaker is a relatively unheard of spreadsheet application which is part of the PlanMaker Office Suite. PlanMaker offers a nice array of features that create professional looking spreadsheets.

How to Open PMD Files

Since PMD files are associated with multiple programs and applications, double click on the file to see if it will automatically open in a default program you have installed on your PC. PMD files can consist of different file types, so you may already have a program which will open these files.

If the PMD files are created by Adobe PageMaker and you use Windows or Mac OS X, you can open them with Adobe PageMaker 7, which is available as a free download from the Adobe website. You can also use Adobe InDesign CS6, which is part of the paid CS6 Creative Suite of applications. InDesign is considered to be the replacement application for PageMaker.

PMD files created by Poser Pro must be opened using Smith Micro Poser Pro 9, which is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X. Poser Pro is available as a free trial download on the Smith Micro website.

If the PMD file extension originates from Pegasus Mail, you can open this type of file using the Pegasus Mail program, which is compatible with Windows and is available as a free download on the CNET website. Since the file is a text and data file type, you can also use Notepad or WordPad for Windows, Apple TextEdit for Mac, or gEdit and Nano Editor for Linux.

PMD files which are created by PlanMaker can be opened using the PlanMaker spreadsheet application, which is available as a free download from the SoftMaker website. PlanMaker is also Excel compatible, which enables you to open the PMD file using Microsoft excel. PMD files associated with PlanMaker can also be opened using OpenOffice spreadsheet which is offered as a free download from the relevant website.