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File Extension PLS

The file extension PLS allows you to download streaming audio from the Internet for use with your media player application. PLS files are a standard file format for creating playlists in a variety of media players. The files are used to present a playlist in an organized format which then points to audio files stored in another location. A PLS file can be used to redirect audio streams. For example, if you want to play an audio stream from a website, you can simply copy the file URL from the website and then play it in your media player on your PC.

To create a PLS file, you can use any free playlist creator application and then save the file as a PLS file. You can also create a PLS playlist using a program such as Winamp to collect all of your favorite songs and save them as a playlist.

How to Open PLS Files

Depending upon the type of operating system you use, the methods for opening PLS files will vary. First, PLS files do not contain the actual audio or music and instead they tell your media player where to find the audio files you want to access. This can either be on your hard drive or a location on the Internet.

Most media players are capable of following the instructions provided by PLS files. If not, it is necessary to install a third-part codec as is the case with Windows Media Player which uses the K-Lite Code Pack. If you use Windows and want to use PLS files with Windows Media Player, you simply launch your web browser and then search for an appropriate codec from a trustworthy free codec website.

Download the codec to your PC and launch the codec file from the location where you saved it. Typically codecs come with an installation wizard that will guide you through the process. Once installation is complete, restart your PC. Open Windows Media Player and then click on File on the main toolbar and choose Open from the drop-down menu. Locate the PLS file you want to use and press the Enter key to begin playing the file.

Other programs you can use with Windows to open PLS files include RealNetworks RealPlayer, Roxio Creator 2012, CyberLink PowerDVD 12, and Nullsoft Winamp Media Player. For Mac OS X you can use Apple iTunes, Cog, or RealNetworks RealPlayer.

You can also use Playlist Creator, which is a free program that can be used to convert PLS files to another file format such as M3U for use with media players that do not support the PLS format.