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File Extension PKG

The file extension PKG is associated with more than one dozen programs and applications and various file types. Some of the programs and applications include Microsoft, Mac OS X, InstallShield, and Symbian. PKG files contain data and information related to the program that created the file.

If the PKG file extension is associated with Microsoft, the file is a system file type that contains data commands which are essential for running the Microsoft Visual Studio application. Visual Studio is a program created by Microsoft which assists developers with creating applications and programs that run in the Windows environment.

PKG files that are related to Mac OS X are a compressed archive file type used with the Mac OS X Installer program. Mac OS X Installer is designed to extract files with the PKG extension and then install the files in the operating system. The purpose of the installer program is to create a uniform method for installing programs and applications on Mac OS X.

PKG files that are used with Symbian are a settings file type that contains data which assists with creating SIS files. Files that contain the SIS extension are a file archive used with the Symbian operating system, which is typically installed on Nokia mobile devices.

How to Open PKG Files

Since PKG files are associated with multiple programs and applications in addition to what is listed here, double click on the file to see if it will automatically open in a default program you have installed on your PC. PKG files can consist of different file types, so you may already have a program which will open the file.

If the PKG files are related to Microsoft Visual Studio, you can open them using Visual Studio on a Windows-based PC. Visual Studio is available for download on the Microsoft website. Since this type of PKG file is a system file type, it is not meant to be opened manually. If the contents are accidentally modified, this action could render the application useless and potentially cause errors in the operating system.

PKG files that are part of the Mac OS X Installer should be opened using Apple Installer. If you are a developer and understand installation files, you can use Pacifist 3.0.9 to open and view the contents of a PKG file. Pacifist 3.0.9 is available as a free download on the CharlesSoft website.

If the PKG file is classified as a Symbian package file, you can open it using UnSIS, which is a Symbian installation system file unpacker application available as a free download on the UnSIS website. You can also use Easy SIS Creator or Create SIS to open PKG files for Symbian OS. All programs mentioned are compatible with the Windows operating system.