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File Extension PIK

The file extension PIK is associated with Protel 99 and the Pika Software Builder application. Protel 99 is an obsolete CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) application which was changed over to the name Altium Designer. Pika Software Builder is a program that provides a way to develop software applications for the Windows operating system without having to use source code.

If the file extension PIK is related to Protel 99, the file is a data file type that contains information for pick and place generation for the Protel 99 application. The PIK file is placed in a folder that stores information for Computer Aided Manufacturing Outputs. Protel 99 was an application that allowed an electronic device to be designed in a unified environment. The program is now called Altium Designer which performs similar functions in a unified environment but with more modernized tools and techniques.

If the PIK file extension is created with Pika Software Builder, it is commonly displayed as a PIKA extension in addition to the PIK extension. This type of PIK file is a developer file type that contains different elements used with a software application. The elements include text, interface components, images, icons, and other objects which are necessary for running a software application.

How to Open PIK Files

PIK files that are associated with Protel 99 must be opened using Altium Designer since the Protel 99 program is no longer available. Altium Designer is available in a free evaluation copy on the Altium website and provides access to design components, reference designs, and templates when you subscribe to the Altium Designer website. Altium Designer is compatible with the Windows operating system and Mac OS X.

If the PIK file extension is related to Pika Software Builder, you can open the file using the Pika Software Builder application, which is available as a free trial download on the Pika Online website. If you opt to buy the program, there is a discount for a multi-license purchase. Pika Software Builder is compatible with the Windows operating system versions XP and higher.

Pika Software Builder also allows you to build software applications and then export the applications as a Windows program with an executable (EXE) file extension. This allows the software application to be launched in the Windows environment.

You can also view the contents of a PIK file created with Pika Software Builder using any text editing program since the source code is created for you as you build the application. If you use Windows, you can open PIK files with WordPad or Notepad. For Mac OS X, you can open PIK files using Apple TextEdit or TextMate. For the Linux operating system you can use AbiWord, gEdit, or Vim to open PIK files.