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File Extension PF

Files with the file extension PF are prefetch files which are created by the Windows operating system. The purpose of these files is to optimize the loading time of Windows applications each time you choose to run the program. Each time you launch an application, Windows automatically looks for the PF file and once it is located, the operating system uses it to speed up the process of opening the program.

PF files are a type of executable files since it plays a role in launching and running programs for the Windows operating system. The files are also reliant on the Task Scheduler, which is a program that typically comes preinstalled with Windows. They are found in the Control Panel and under the Scheduled Tasks icon. This means that the Task Scheduler must be running in order to successfully open and view PF files.

How to Open PF Files

You can access the file extension PF by using WinPrefetch View which is included with Windows. In order to use WinPrefetch View, you must be logged on to your PC as an administrator which provides you with full right to viewing files in Windows. If you gave your Windows login account administrator rights when you set up Windows, you can use your existing user account to access WinPrefetch View. If not, then it will be necessary to log off your current user account and then login again as an administrator.

It is not necessary to install WinPrefetch View plus it does not require any type of DLL files in order for you to view PF files. If you are running Windows XP, you simply click Start on the main toolbar of your desktop and then choose Run from the pop-up menu. In the Run command prompt enter WinPrefetchView.exe and then press the Enter key. If you are running Windows 7, simply click on Start and enter WinPrefetchView.exe in the search box and then press the Enter key.

Performing the above steps should bring you to the main window of the viewer which will list all of the PF files in your operating system. When you select one of the PF files, the list of files which are stored inside of the file will be displayed. These are files which were previously loaded the last time you used the application associated with the PF file you are viewing. If you choose to delete the PF file, it will simply reload again the next time you use the application.

You can also open and view PF file extensions by using a program such as StuffIt Deluxe which is available for download online. You can also use this program to open PF files with Mac OS X.