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File Extension PDR

The file extension PDR is associated with multiple programs and applications and various file types. The programs and applications include Microsoft Windows Port Driver, SymbianOS, and ProntoDoc. PDR files contain data and information related to the program that created the file.

If the PDR file extension is related to Microsoft Windows Port Driver, the file is a system file type which facilitates the functioning of USB devices. PDR files contain data which provides instruction for the Windows operating system on how to recognize various USB devices. The files are loaded whenever you add new hardware to Windows through the Control Panel of the operating system.

PDR files which are part of SymbianOS are a various file type which contains printer resources which are used with a SymbianOS printing device. PDR files are preinstalled in SymbianOS along with other capabilities, such as multitasking applications, video conferencing, widgets, and other preinstalled applications which are written in C++ programming language. SymbianOS is an operating system used in Nokia mobile phones.

If the file extension PDR is created with ProntoDoc, the file is a page layout file type which is used with the ProntoDoc for Word application. This type of PDR file contains templates which are used for document recovery in case of a server issue which can cause data loss. ProntoDoc is a plugin which is used with Microsoft Word 2013.

How to Open PDR Files

Since the file extension PDR is associated with multiple programs and applications, double click on the file to see if it will automatically open in a default program you have installed on your PC. PDR files vary in contents, so you may already have a program which will open the file.

If the PDR file extension is part of Microsoft Windows Port Driver, manually opening the file is not recommended unless you are a Windows developer. If the PDR file is inadvertently modified, this can disable the device driver and cause USB devices to malfunction in Windows.

If you are a developer, you can open PDR Port Driver files using a program such as Microsoft Visual Studio, which is a developer application available for download on the Microsoft website. You can also open and view the contents of the file using any text editing application such as Notepad or WordPad for Windows, Apple TextEdit for Mac, or gEdit and Nano Editor for Linux.

PDR files which are part of SymbianOS should be opened using the SymbianOS operating system installed on a Nokia mobile device. SymbianOS is available on the Nokia Corporation website and is preinstalled on a variety of different Nokia device models. Developers can open this type of PDR file using one of the text editing applications described above.

If the file extension PDR is created by ProntoDoc for Word, the file can be opened using Microsoft Word 2013 with the ProntoDoc plugin. Microsoft Word is part of the Microsoft Office suite of applications and is available on the Microsoft website. The ProntoDoc plugin is available as a free download on the Microsoft, CNET, and SourceForge websites.