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File Extension PBP

Files that contain a PBP extension can be associated with multiple programs and applications and various different file types. The programs and applications include PowerBASIC, Perl, Sony PlayStation, PlaybackPro, and Phoenix Visual Designer.

PBP file extensions that originate from PowerBASIC are files that contain data related to the functions of PowerBASIC software, which is a source code compiler used for the development of various software applications. The code involves ANSO, UNICODE, OEM, and ASCII used for building software programs.

If the PBP file is related to Perl, the file will be a source code and script file that contains data in programming languages such as C++, BASIC, C#, and COBOL. The source code and scripts define specific actions which are to be performed by a PC when using specific applications.

If the PBP file is associated with Sony PlayStation Portable, the file is a system file type which launches applications in PlayStations such as firmware updates and boot processes. The files provide instructions for using PlayStation with different types of operating systems.

PBP file extensions created by PlaybackPro are database file types that contain text, images, and numeric values. When PBP files are used with Playback Pro, they are video database files used with Mac OS X for the rendering and playback of videos and graphics.

Phoenix Visual Designer PBP files contain data related to the Rapid Application Development environment. Files that are created in Visual designer are code generators and data editors for the PowerBASIC compiler.

How to Open PBP Files

Since PBP files are associated with a variety of programs and applications, double click on the PBP file you want to open to see if it automatically opens in a default application. If the file was created on your PC, chances are you have the appropriate program installed for opening the file.

If the PBP file is created with PowerBASIC, this can be a various data file type, which means it is necessary to have PowerBASIC installed on a PC running Windows. PowerBASIC will open a PBP file in the integrated environment so you can view it in the source code compiler.

Perl PBP files must be opened using Perl Code Editor, which is compatible with the Windows operating system. Perl offers many features that provide developers with the tools they need to program web applications of all different types.

PBP files for Sony PlayStation Portable can be opened using Sony PlayStation Portable play device. The files contain firmware update image files which can also be viewed using PBP Unpacker, which allows you to edit the files used to update the firmware. This is also known as jailbreaking or hacking the firmware.

To open PBP file extensions related to PlaybackPro, it is necessary to use the Mac OS X platform with the PlaybackPro installed on the operating system. Once the files are open, you can render and reference them for the purpose of video output.

Phoenix Visual Designer PBP files are opened and edited using Prometheus Software Phoenix, which is a form designer, editor, and code generator. The Phoenix program creates the source codes for use with the PowerBASIC compiler program mentioned earlier.