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File Extension PBB

The file extension PBB is associated with the AT&T Phonebook, which is a phonebook application designed for use with mobile phones. Although PBB files are originally related to the AT&T Phonebook, the PBB extension is used in a number of other mobile phonebook applications.

The file extension PBB is a backup file type that saves data from the AT&T Phonebook application after the software is exported to a mobile device from the AT&T store. PBB files are used to restore data and settings to a phonebook application in the event the data becomes lost or corrupt.

Since PBB files serve to backup data, the file extension is commonly used with other mobile phonebooks, which makes the file versatile with a range of other applications. PBB files are also designed to be compatible with email clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express to allow you to import phone numbers which can be organized in the contact list for these applications.

How to Open PBB Files

Since PBB files are versatile and can be opened using multiple programs and applications, double click on the file to see if it will automatically open in a default program you have installed on your PC. PBB files are a fairly consistent file type, so you may already have a program which will open the file.

If you are running Windows, you can open the file extension PBB using Mobile Synchronization Content Manager, which is an application that provides data transfer, backup, and extraction solutions for mobile devices. Mobile Synchronization Content Manager is available in a paid version on the CelleBrite website and allows you to open PBB files as well as export them to an email client as mentioned above.

You can also open and view the contents of PBB files using any text editing program. If you are running Windows, you can open PBB files using WordPad, Notepad, or Microsoft Word. For Mac OS X, you can use Apple TextEdit, TextMate, or Apple Pages. For the Linux operating system, you can open PBB files with AbiWord, gEdit, or Vim.

Another option you can use to open PBB files is to convert the files to another format. Since PBB files are a backup file type, you can convert them to another backup format such as file extension TIB, GHO, or BACKUPDB for use with a broader range of applications. There are a multiple backup file conversion programs available as a free download on websites such as CNET, Softonic, or Softpedia which will convert PBB files for you.

You can also use an online resource such as Zamzar which will perform free file conversion. Simply log onto the website, browse for the PBB file, choose a new format, enter your email address, and click on Convert. Within minutes you will receive the newly converted file in your email inbox.