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File Extension PART

Files that contain the file extension PART are just as the name implies. They are partially downloaded files which originate from file sharing programs or download applications which are responsible for storing data. This means that a PART file is only a portion of the original file due to the fact that entire file has not completed the download process.

The main purpose behind PART file extensions is the ability to start viewing the file before the download process is complete. There are many different types of PART files, and the exact file type will determine what you can do with it. For example, if the PART file is a multimedia file, then you can rename the file to a video or audio format such as MP3 and then use the appropriate media player to open the file. Depending upon the file this may work or it may not until the entire file download is complete.

How to Open PART Files

In order to understand how to open PART files, you must have the basic knowledge of how PART files work. There are a variety of different download managers you can use to download PART files. The purpose of the download manager is to break up large files into small download segments. When the files are broken up, each file is assigned a .PART extension, and when the download is complete, the managing software will combine all PART files into a single file. At point an appropriate file extension name (as described above) can be applied to the completed file.

A PART file must be opened and viewed as raw data since it is only part of a complete file. This means that the raw data contained in a PART file can be opened for editing but cannot be used as a means for opening an entire program until all files have been downloaded.

To open a PART file you can use a third party application such as EditPlus 3.10 or VLC Media Player in the event the file is an audio or video file. If you are a programmer who understands code and how to perform edits without rendering the entire file useless, you can use a text editor such as WordPad or other word processing program to open and view the contents of a PART file. Once you launch the word program, simply click on File and then choose Open from the submenu.

The instructions provided above apply to devices equipped with Windows, Mac OS X and the Linux operating system. Other compatible applications which are associated with PART files include eDonkey, eMule Plus, and Partial Go!Zilla Download.