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File Extension P7M

P7M file extension can be associated with two different file types which include the S/MIME signature file and the SecureSoft encrypted file. S/MIME stands for Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension and is a signature file that provides a way to send and receive secure data when using an email client. In this case P7M files follow the popular cryptographic services for securing email messages. The services include authentication, digital signatures, encryption, and protection of the message data.

P7M files related to SecureSoft are used to create an encrypted file format. Secure Soft is a signing software program that creates digital signatures, time stamping, and digital signature certificates. The program is capable of adding digital signatures to multiple files in a variety of formats, including PDF, XML, DOC and DOCX, XLS and XLSX, P7S, and many other formats. The digital certificates provide a Public Key Infrastructure (PHI) for encrypting documents. SecureSoft also provides time stamping, which seals data objects and is used to protect intellectual property.

How to Open P7M Files

If you are unsure of the P7M file type, you can try double clicking on the file to see if it opens in a default application you have installed on your PC. If you cannot open the file using this method, there are a few other methods you can apply to open and view it.

If a P7M file is an S/MIME signature file, then you will need a program that is capable of viewing this format. If you use the Windows operating system, you can open P7M S/MIME signature files using Cryptigo P7M Viewer, which is available in a trial version from the Cryptigo website. This program will display the content in S/MIME P7M files and is capable of reading signed and encrypted messages. The trial license is for 30 days and includes access to detailed online help.

You can also open and view S/MIME P7M messages using Qualcomm Eudora with the Cryptigo S/MIME plugin. This program is an email application which is offered in both Windows and Mac versions. You can download a sponsored version of Eudora from the relevant website. The software is available at no cost and comes with the necessary plugins for reading P7M files.

If you use Mac OS X, you can try Apple Keychain Access to open S/MIME P7M files. Keychain Access is a password storage program and is also capable of viewing and managing digital certificates. Keychain Access is available for download from the Apple website.

If the P7M file is associated with SecureSoft, you can open P7M files using SecureSoft’s File Decryptor, which is available for download from the SecureSoft website.