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File Extension P65

A file that contains the file extension P65 is used with PageMaker by Adobe Systems. P65 files are commonly associated with the 6.5 version of PageMaker, which is the predecessor to Adobe InDesign. The PageMaker application was created in the mid-1980s by Aldus Corporation. When it was eventually purchased by Adobe Systems, the program was renamed Adobe PageMaker. PageMaker was used up until 2004 when Adobe upgraded the program with InDesign.

PageMaker P65 file extensions are a document and graphics file type that contains page layouts, bitmap images, vector graphics, PostScript, font styles, colors, mathematical calculations, and other elements which are necessary for creating professionally finished documents.

Adobe PageMaker is a desktop publishing program that is used to create brochures, leaflets, flyers, newsletters, and a variety of other publications. Version 7 of PageMaker is still made available on the Adobe website regardless of the fact it has been replaced by Adobe InDesign. Version 7 offers professionally designed templates, clip art illustrations, and images and allows you to easily input elements directly in layout view.

When InDesign replaced PageMaker, many of the tools and features were retained with newer and modern features added to enhance the application and broaden its capabilities. InDesign is part of the Creative Suite of applications commonly referred to as Adobe CS6.

How to Open P65 Files

If the file extension P65 was created on your PC, chances are you have the appropriate application installed for opening the file. Double click on the file extension to see if it will automatically open in a default application.

If you use Windows or Mac OS X, you can open P65 files with Adobe PageMaker 7, which is available as a free trial download on the Adobe website. PageMaker is offered as a standalone application and is not part of the Adobe Creative Suite. You can also open P65 files using Adobe InDesign which can be used as part of the CS6 Creative Suite or as a standalone download. InDesign is available as a free trial on the Adobe website.

If you do not have the above mentioned Adobe programs and a P65 has been sent to you by an Adobe user, you can opt to convert the file to Portable Document Format (PDF) to enable you to open the file and view the contents. There are a variety of file conversion programs available as a free download on websites such as CNET and Softpedia which will convert P65 files for you.

You can also use an online resource such as Zamzar which will perform free file conversion. Simply log onto the website, browse for the P65 file, choose the new format, enter your email address, and click on Convert. Within minutes you will receive the newly converted file in your email inbox.