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File Extension OPS

The file extension OPS is associated with Microsoft Office and Dynamite VSP by 3am Solutions Limited. Microsoft Office is a suite of productivity applications, and Dynamite VSP is a Computer Aided Design application used to create three dimensional models for the engineering industry.

If the file extension OPS is related to Microsoft Office, the file is a settings file type which is used with the Microsoft Office Profile Wizard utility application. This type of OPS file contains settings that create user profiles for locating templates in addition to storing customized user preferences which are established for use with different applications in the Microsoft Office Suite. The settings are commonly used with Office versions created prior to 2007.

For versions of Microsoft Office which were created in 2007 and after, the profile backup utility is not used. In this instance, the file extension OPS can be created using the Office Editions Resource Kit for the purpose of backup and restoration of user profile settings in more recent versions of Microsoft Office.

If the OSP file extension is associated with Dynamite VSP, the file is a CAD file type that contains three dimensional object placement files which are used with three dimensional models in the engineering and transport industry. The models describe infrastructure plans for different components used in these industries.

How to Open OPS Files

OPS files which are part of Microsoft Office can be opened using a number of Microsoft applications. The most common application is the Office Profile Wizard, which is a Microsoft program that allows you to establish user profiles in Microsoft Office to store customized settings. This prevents each user from having to customize the settings each time they access an application in the Office program. Office Profile Wizard is available on the Microsoft website and is compatible with the Windows operating system.

Microsoft Office OPS files can also be opened using the OPS File Viewer, which is an application that provides a way to view settings modifications which have been made to the user’s PC. You can access the OPS Viewer when you install Microsoft Office Resource Kit. The Resource Kit is available on the Microsoft website and is compatible with the Windows operating system. Once the program is installed, you can access the OPS Viewer by clicking on Start and navigating to All Programs. Click on Microsoft Office Tools and place your cursor over Office Resource Kit Tools and then click on OPS File Viewer.

OPS files that are created with Dynamite VSP can be opened using the Dynamite VSP application which is also known as Civil View. Dynamite VSP/Civil View is available on the 3am Solutions website and is compatible with the Windows operating system.

Dynamite OPS files can also be opened using Autodesk 3ds Max, which is a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program which is available on the Autodesk website and compatible with the Windows operating system. Autodesk recently acquired Dynamite VSP, which is the reason the OPS files can be used with Autodesk applications.