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File Extension OMA

The file extension OMA is associated with Sony Corporation and is defined as a Sony OpenMG music file. Sony OpenMG files are stored in a proprietary format created by Sony which is known as ATRAC3 format. ATRAC stands for Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding, which is a group of compression algorithms created by Sony that are used in a variety of Sony audio players.

When the ATRAC format was first introduced in the early 1990s, the format provided a sound quality which was very close to a CD. Since this time, ATRAC has gone through many transformations since ATRAC3 was created in the late 1990s. Where the original ATRAC format was capable of producing up to a 5:1 compression ratio, ATRAC3 when first introduced produced a 10:1 compression ratio.

The ATRAC3 format allows for customization of sound quality by providing more than one compression ratio. The format offers a way to compress music to nearly ten percent of a CD disk space without sacrificing sound quality.

In the early 2000s, Sony came out with ATRAC3plus which represented an improvement over ATRAC3 with a compression ratio of 20:1. This allowed music to be compressed down to a size that occupied only five percent of an entire music CD.

OMA ATRAC3 files are categorized as an audio file type which stores music in the ATRAC format. The music was formerly distributed in the Sony CONNECT Music Store which was closed a few years ago and replaced with another Sony music distribution service.

How to Open OMA Files

There are several methods to open and play OMA files, including converting the files to an alternative music format. The most common way to open OMA files is by using Sony SonicStage, which is a software application that provides a way to play audio data using a variety of different modes. Sonic Stage also provides a database which helps to manage audio files on your PC.

SonicStage is available on the Sony website and is designed for use with the Windows operating system. Once you open the file extension OMA using this application, you can burn the file to a CD.

You can also opt to convert OMA to another music format such as the WAV format for use with a broader range of media applications. This can be accomplished by using an audio ripper software application such as FreeRIP or something similar to rip the audio from the CD and then convert it to another music format. There are a number of file conversion programs available as a free download on websites such as CNET and Softpedia which will convert OMA files for you.

You can also use an online resource such as Zamzar which will perform free file conversion for you as long as the content is not protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management). DRM is a method that is used to protect the intellectual rights and copyrights for digital publications. If the OMA file is not protected, all you need to do is log onto the Zamzar website, browse for the OMA file on your PC, choose a new format, enter your email address, and click on Convert. Within minutes you will receive the newly converted file in your email inbox.

The file extension OMA can also be opened using an open source multiplatform application such as VLC Media Player which is capable of handling a variety of different music file formats. VLC Media Player is available as a free download on the VideoLAN website and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and the Linux operating system.