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File Extension OGG

Files with a file extension OGG are audio codec files which originate from the OGG Vorbis compression application created by OGG files are open standard container format or open source files created with the OGG codec. It is believed by many open source enthusiasts to be a better quality audio file that offers improved compression over the standard MP3 format. OGG files may also include FLAC audio compression; however, these are not typically associated with the Vorbis compression application.

If you are more familiar with the MP3 format, OGG is similar to this format and commonly used with programs, such as Windows Media Player.

How to Open OGG Files

OGG file extensions can be opened using a Windows-based PC, Mac OS X, or the Linux operating system and can be read by a wide variety of media applications.

Windows Media Player is the most popular application for opening OGG files in Windows. To successfully open OGG files with Media Player, you must make sure you have the DirectShow Filter plugin installed. This is a free codec offered for download on the website. You can also opt to use Roxio Creator 12, RealPlayer with the DirectShow Filter plugin, PCF Micro, Foobar 2000, and Nullsoft Winamp Media Player 5.6 which are other media applications compatible with Windows.

If you are trying to open OGG file extensions with Mac OS X, your best bet is to use Apple QuickTime player with the XiphQT plugin installed, which is available for download from the website. This provides you with the best results for opening and utilizing files with the .OGG extension. Other programs which are compatible with Mac OS X include the VideoLAN VLC Media Player, Etima Elmedia Player, PCF Micro, Movavi Video Converter, and RealPlayer with the compatible OGG plugin available from Xiph.

In the event you are running the Linux operating system, your options for opening OGG files are many due to the fact that Linux is open source and so are OGG files. Programs you can use to open OGG file extensions include RealPlayer, VideoLAN VLC Media Player, Zinf, CoreCodec CorePlayer Pro and Totem Player, to name a few applications.

There is also a variety of converter software available online to help you convert OGG file extensions to MP3 format. Some of the software applications include Bluefox MP3 OGG Converter, RM OGG Converter, and HiFi WAV OGG Converter.